The 903 Area Code Is Based In Texas

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HemuParuchuri reported 903-048-1914 as a Prank Caller

9030481914 Complaint Filed, Caller Area: , , Caller Reported as: Prank Caller

Complaint Filed: Aug 28th 2017 - 06:23:09pm

She's irritating me every day night
She's balck mail me also

jai reported 903-907-4001 as a Fax

9039074001 Complaint Filed, Caller Area: Dallas, TX, Caller Reported as: Fax

Complaint Filed: May 31th 2017 - 03:28:33am

The number is on hold but I want to talk the person urgent

kumar reported 903-468-7257 as a Unknown

9034687257 Complaint Filed, Caller Area: Commerce, TX, Caller Reported as: Unknown

Complaint Filed: Mar 23th 2017 - 06:37:27am

trace and find it

ajdjd reported 903-476-7651 as a Collection Agency

9034767651 Complaint Filed, Caller Area: , , Caller Reported as: Collection Agency

Complaint Filed: Mar 17th 2017 - 10:39:20am

Idksskz kdkdkdkdkdkdkdxk kdkx kddkk

KT reported 903-650-9485 as a Scammer/Fraudster

9036509485 Complaint Filed, Caller Area: Longview, TX, Caller Reported as: Scammer/Fraudster

Complaint Filed: Nov 9th 2016 - 11:36:03pm

2 callers from same number left messages on my voice mail. 1st caller, female, did not identify herself or the company calling from. Only said a complaint had been filed against me and to call her back, and reference a case # to avoid further action. Second caller, male, delivered roughly the same message but was much more angry sounding. He called from the same number and also did not identify himself nor the company calling from. He said that this call gives me notice of this complaint and further action would be taken if I did not return the call immediately. I did not call either caller back. There is no reason anyone would file a complaint against me.

sherbear reported 903-306-4224 as a Unknown

9033064224 Complaint Filed, Caller Area: Texarkana, TX, Caller Reported as: Unknown

Complaint Filed: Aug 7th 2012 - 07:54:38am

Calls many times a day and never talks. All we hear is background sounds like a tv

pinky reported 903-080-3435 as a Unknown

9030803435 Complaint Filed, Caller Area: , , Caller Reported as: Unknown

Complaint Filed: Jul 14th 2011 - 01:36:38pm

irritating througth calls and messages

Herrera reported 903-216-7518 as a Prank Caller

9032167518 Complaint Filed, Caller Area: Tyler, TX, Caller Reported as: Prank Caller

Complaint Filed: Jun 3th 2010 - 08:44:27pm

This number has been sending foul and threatening text messages to my daughter\'s phone. Whom ever this phone belongs to will be receiving a call from the Midalnd Texas police department.