The 385 Area Code Is Based In Utah

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Recent complaints in this area code

James reported 385-347-7410 as a Unknown

3853477410 Complaint Filed, Caller Area: , , Caller Reported as: Unknown

Complaint Filed: May 28th 2017 - 06:57:36am

Just looking for this person to pay on a lean

Otf cookie monster reported 385-347-2562 as a Prank Caller

3853472562 Complaint Filed, Caller Area: , , Caller Reported as: Prank Caller

Complaint Filed: Jun 29th 2016 - 04:58:35pm

She has a little sister named Riley Nork, she lives in Murray Utah, she has a mom, the dad was in the hospital, had a boyfriend named Francisco Araujo, She had blondish hair, she went hiking June 28, she also has uses drugs, MOD she claims she is 15 and also 19. Her phone number is 3853472562. Good luck.